Lindsay Cross

Environmental leader can flip State Senate seat despite late start

Lindsay Cross

Florida SD-24

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2018 Result: Cross loses by 8-point margin (54% to 46%)

Lindsay Cross is an environmental scientist and the former Executive Director of the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

Prior to joining the Florida Wildlife Corridor, Cross spent 14 years with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. Cross has an undergraduate degree from Colorado State University and a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida.

Democrats have a great shot to take control of this State Senate seat, but Cross needs help putting together the necessary resources after a late start; she officially joined the race in late July after family health problems forced the original Democratic candidate to drop out of the race. A public poll in early July showed the previous Democratic candidate within five points of incumbent Republican Sen. Jeff Brandes, a consistent right-wing opponent of public schools, health care access, and environmental protections.

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State Senate (New District in 2016)

2016: Uncontested


2016: R+6.89



State Senate District 24 is in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

All 40 state Senate seats in Florida were up for election in 2016 following a court-ordered redrawing of the legislative boundaries; the League of Women Voters of Florida successfully challenged the initial district maps by arguing that they had been unfairly gerrymandered in favor of Republicans. Florida is one of 26 states with a Republican trifecta in state government (control of both chambers of the state legislature and the Governor's office), which it has held since 1998.

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