Shelly Christensen, Minnesota House

Former high school English teacher and cross-country coach looks to flip Republican seat

Shelly Christensen

MN 39-B

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2018 Result: Christensen wins by less than 150 votes (50% to 50%)

Shelly Christensen is a retired high school English teacher seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Kathy Lohmer, a former Assistant Majority Leader, in this Minneapolis-area district. Lohmer made headlines earlier in 2018 for unsupported claims of a plot to "mobilize Muslims to infiltrate Republican caucuses."

Christensen received her teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin River Falls before earning an MA in education. A lifelong resident of the St. Croix Valley, Christensen still coaches a cross-country running team in the area.

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2016: R+18

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House District 39-B is in Washington County in the Minneapolis area. Democrats need to flip 11 State House seats in Minnesota in order to regain majority control before the 2021 redistricting process.

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