Zack Stephenson, Minnesota House

Local prosecutor seeks open seat in Minneapolis-area district

Zack Stephenson


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2018 Result: Stephenson wins by 4-point margin (52% to 48%)

Zack Stephenson is an Assistant Hennepin County Attorney and lifelong resident of the northern Minnesota suburbs who is seeking an open seat in the Minnesota State House of Representatives.

Stephenson holds a bachelor's degree from Knox College and a JD from the University of Chicago. He is the Vice-Chair of the Coon Rapids Planning Commission, which he has represented since 2012.

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State House

2016: R+16

2014: R+18

2012: R+2.2



Minnesota House District 36-A lies in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, including the city of Champlin and a portion of the city of Coon Rapids. This is a swing district that was won by Donald Trump by 3 points in 2016 -- the same year in which a Democratic State Senator carried the district comfortably. Democrats need to flip 11 State House seats in Minnesota in order to regain majority control before the 2021 redistricting process.

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