GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner called an 18 year-old voter “young and naïve”

Voter asked about Wagner's comment that Human Body Heat cs

It’s no surprise that in the wake of the Parkland massacre and the nationwide youth movement that followed there would be a spike in the youth vote, but what is happening in Pennsylvania is truly remarkable. Registered voters aged 34 and under now outnumber those over 64, according the to the PA Department of State. This shift has major potential to affect the 2018 midterm elections and beyond.

In a recent town hall meeting, Rose Strauss, a member of a youth climate change group, asked the GOP candidate for governor Scott Wagner if his nonsensical commentary about human body heat causing global warming had anything to do with the six-figure donations he’s received from polluters. Scott Wagner responded by hurling insults at her to the delight of his supporters.

This could be a perfect storm of bad news for Wagner and down-ticket Republicans. Young Pennsylvanians are setting records. According to a July 30th article in Billy Penn the share of new voters under age 30 increased by 16 percent, more than anywhere else in the nation. Youth registration in and around Philadelphia is helping to drive the increase, but rural counties like Clarion, Juniata, and Westmoreland are seeing big surges of new, young registrants, too. Both grassroots and more traditional youth voter registration efforts are underway across the state, including a $3.5 million initiative from the San Francisco-based group NextGen America. All these efforts may soon pay off.

We won’t know if the youth vote will help power a Blue Wave until November 7th. Regardless, the numbers are staggering. As of July, Democrats aged 18 to 34 outnumbered Republicans of the same age by more than 400,000 registered voters. If these new voters turn out, we will likely be taking young people far more seriously than Scott Wagner ever dreamed.

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