PA Governor Tom Wolf under Attack by Koch Brothers

This race may be very close due to Koch Money!

The race for Governor of Pennsylvania may be much closer than previous public polls might suggest. Recent Republican polling from the conservative group Commonwealth Leaders Fund shows the GOP candidate, Scott Wagner, trailing Democratic incumbent Tom Wolf by less than 3 points. Even more concerning, the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) announced August 9th that they are focused on beating Tom Wolf this November and are putting major resources behind this endeavor. The right-wing activist group will be canvassing, making phone calls, and running advertisements to attack Governor Wolf and urge Pennsylvanians to vote against him in November.

As is typical of arguments coming from the Koch brothers, they plan to criticize governor Wolf for “big government, higher taxes, and run away spending.” Wolf’s campaign believes that he arrival of the Koch brothers is a sign that the garbage mogul’s campaign (Wagner) is backed by special interests -- namely big corporate donors.

This isn’t the first time the AFP-PA has weighed in to attack candidates on behalf of the Koch brothers. In 2016, AFP-PA spent $3.6 million opposing Katie McGinty to help Pat Toomey win a seat in the U.S. Senate. Toomey won that race by less than two points.

How will Governor Wolf fare in this fight? By all measures,he is running a strong and smart campaign, but he will need continued support to match the resources of well-funded outside groups like Americans for Prosperity.

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