Health Care Issues Driving Democratic Support in Pennsylvania

Polling looks good for many candidates with less than three weeks to go

Pennsylvania’s namesake as the Keystone state can be taken both figuratively and literally these days. A state that was the lynchpin for Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 appears to be at the forefront of a Democratic comeback in 2018. Mirroring the rest of the country, Pennsylvania voters are being driven to the polls by concerns over health care issues.

Polls show incumbent Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf with double-digit leads over their opponents, and Democratic Congressional candidates are surging across the state. Newly drawn Congressional maps have supercharged Democratic enthusiasm to take majority control in the House of Representatives. According to Politico, eight Pennsylvania House seats are rated “lean” or “likely” Democratic -- and another four are solidly in play.

Nearly 3 in 4 (74%) Pennsylvania voters say health care is “very important” in their decision to vote in November. Health care issues beat out concerns about out economy and jobs (72%), SocialSecurity (67%), and national security & terrorism (65%). Support for the Affordable Care Act, especially protections for pre-existing conditions, is holding up well among Pennsylvania voters. According to a recent AARP survey, a majority of voters support the Affordable Care Act as well as a proposed “Medicare-for-all” system.

Democrats need 23 seats to take control of the House, and as many as 10 seats could flip in Pennsylvania alone. Conor Lamb's (top) upset special election victory earlier this year has empowered candidates and supporters across the state.

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