Polls Show Ohio Governor's Race All Over the Map

Democrat Richard Cordray appears to be surging at the right time

One of the most important statewide races in 2018 is in Ohio, where Republican Mike DeWine is running for Governor against Democrat Richard Cordray and his ridiculously-impressive resume. Cordray served as the first Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under President Obama and has held a number of high-level elected positions in Ohio.

Democrats need to elect Cordray to help defeat President Trump in 2020 and give them a chance at a fair redistricting process in 2021. According to the latest public poll in the race, Cordray has surged to a 6-point lead over the relatively-unpopular DeWine. As The Hill reports:

The poll's analysts said the results indicated a lack of GOP voter enthusiasm in the state, with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) leading his Republican opponent by 18 points in the same poll.
“The poll confirms our June findings that midterm voters are in a markedly different mood than they were when Ohio went for Trump in the 2016 presidential election,” said poll director David Paleologos...
...The top issues in the governor's race include the state's economy and health care coverage, while education and the ongoing opioid crisis were mentioned as secondary issues.

Public polls have shown the Ohio Governor's race as a back-and-forth contest over the last few months (see chart at top right). Cordray is a popular candidate who is well-known in Ohio -- an interesting contrast compared to his Republican opponent. The current Republican Governor, John Kasich, is term-limited in 2018 but has offered only a tepid endorsement of DeWine as his successor.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Cordray and make a contribution to his campaign.

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