Scandal in the Lehigh Valley: Big News in PA-07

Good New for a Prime Pickup Opportunity with Susan Wild

The race for Pennsylvania’s 7th district took a turn this past week, when news broke that Republican candidate Marty Nothstein has been put on unpaid leave from his decade-long position as executive director of the Lehigh Valley Velodrome as part of a sexual misconduct investigation. The sexual misconduct claims are based on incidents from 2000 involving two alleged victims, according to Velodrome. SafeSport, the U.S. Olympic organization tasked with independently investigating such claims, has been looking at the allegations since last October.

Marty Nothstein

Nothstein was placed on leave back in February when he was still campaigning for the Republican primary. Nothstein claims innocence, but hasn’t been transparent about the ongoing investigation, which he’s known about for months. SafeSport does not typically disclose investigations unless a violation of U.S. Olympic rules has been found.

The fight to flip Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional seat is one of the most critical in the country. After Pennsylvania’s courts ordered redistricting, the 7th district became a prime opportunity for Democrats to pick up a seat. Polling already showed Democrat Susan Wild within striking distance of victory, prior to Nothstein’s scandal exploding onto the local scene.

Nothstein’s denials are outraging, and he should be held accountable for his past. Nothstein claims to support women, but his hypocrisy is underscored by his insults to non-partisan women’s groups. We need an adult in the room to represent the 7th district, and that candidate is Susan Wild, not Marty Nothstein. Susan Wild needs all the support she can get to make sure that we have responsible, ethical people in Congress who respect women.

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