Susan Wild Polling Strong in Pennsylvania

Democrat Susan Wild is polling well ahead of Republican Marty Nothstein in Pennsylvania's Seventh Congressional District. As WFMZ TV in Eastern Pennsylvania reports:

In a sample of 405 surveys, with a 4.5 percent margin of error, Susan Wild holds a 50 percent to 31.2 percent lead over Marty Nothstein with likely voters for the 7th Congressional district seat...
...Kamran Afshar, who heads his own data analytics center at DeSales University and conducted the poll, says Wild also has a commanding lead with women voters and Independents, with 40 percent of Independents voting for Wild, 15 percent for Nothstein and 20 percent for other.

Susan Wild is running in a formerly strong-Republican Congressional district; the boundaries of PA-7 were redrawn last spring after a successful challenge to the previously gerrymandered maps that favored the GOP.

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