Washington Post Highlights Ohio Scandal

Ohio's Attorney General turned a blind eye to the corruption; now he wants to be Governor

It has been called the biggest scandal in Ohio history. The ECOT online charter "school" scandal has been well-known to Ohio residents (and Blue Impact Network readers), but it picked up some national buzz over the weekend thanks to Laura Meckler at the Washington Post:

For nearly two decades, an online charter school with a bold name — the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — grew in Ohio, helped along by the state’s Republicans, who embraced the idea of “school choice” for families.
Conceived on the back of a Waffle House napkin, the school grew to become one of the largest in the state. Republicans cheered on ECOT, as the school was known, and ECOT officials contributed more than $2 million to GOP campaign accounts.
That was before it all crumbled. It was before state regulators figured out the school was being paid to educate thousands of students who never logged in. Before the state ordered the school to repay $80 million. Before the school abruptly closed in January, leaving 12,000 students stranded.
Now, Democrats, who have been locked out of power in Columbus for eight years, are hoping the complex tale of a charter school’s collapse holds their ticket back.

The Republican candidate for Governor in Ohio is former Senator and current Attorney General Mike DeWine, who accepted tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions from people associated with ECOT and failed for years to take action against the organization. CLICK HERE to see how you can help to make sure that Ohio rejects pay-for-play politics and elects Democrat Rich Cordray as its next Governor.

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