Digital Program for Women's Health

Elect Officals that keep Planned Parenthoods Doors Open in Ohio

Digital Program for Women's Health

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The 2018 election is critical for reproductive rights, women’s rights, and abortion care in the state of Ohio. If Mike DeWine is elected, he has promised to de-fund Planned Parenthood and ban abortion in Ohio. Planned Parenthood supporter, Rich Cordray, can win; he is leading in recent polls but needs critical resources and support to garner excitement with the non-traditional voter block. Planned Parenthood is trusted and respected in these communities and our field team can turn out the vote

Statewide Program

This program is a part of a larger effort to support Rich Cordray for Governor.

Program Goals

Motivate women of color, single women and young people to vote for Rich Cordray for Governor via mullit-platform digital program.

Program Budget

$100,000 to fund a multi-platform persuasion and motivation digital program to elect a governor that will keep Planned Parenthood’s doors open and ensure that abortion care stays safe and legal in Ohio.

Planned Parenthood has the Experience

Planned Parenthood Votes Ohio is the best messenger to connect with non-traditional voters including people of color, single women, and young people. One in 5 women have relied on Planned Parenthood to provide care and over 70% of Ohioans support Planned Parenthood. Polls have shown time and again that health care and women’s rights are important factors in the 2018 election. With your help, we can ensure that Ohio elects a governor that will keep Planned Parenthood open and access to abortion care safe and legal.

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Digital Program for Women's Health

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