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Ohio Digital War Room

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As people migrate away from traditional mainstream media, conservatives are enjoying the early spoils from embracing aggressive online communications strategies. We must shift our infrastructure and spending to reflect this change in how people are getting information so that conservative propaganda will not continue to have an outsized influence.  The Ohio Digital War Room, anchored at Innovation Ohio, is a sophisticated and coordinated digital hub working with allies who control more than 45 social media accounts. We need resources for the unfunded activities of Ohio’s Digital War Room, including: 1) Deploying digital organizers to develop rapid responses to fake news and disinformation and amass influence by building trusted networks on social media and 2) Creating a robust online news environment using “Journalism Fellows” who will produce an ongoing stream of sharable content with emotional appeal that can spread organically as part of our proactive communications strategies. We must build this infrastructure now, so that it can be used to educate voters in the coming months.

Support Ohio Democrats

This war room will support Democrats up and down the Ohio Balllot

High Impact Infrastructure

The war room will control over 45 social meda accounts. The room will create Digital content and also provide rapid response.

A great investment

The war room will cost $100,000. There is a current need for $67,500.

Innovation Ohio Runs the War Room

Innovation Ohio serves as the Research and Communications Hub of Ohio’s progressive infrastructure with buy-in from over 20 allied groups that meet weekly, communicate daily, and control over 45 social media accounts. We need more dedicated digital organizers and journalism fellows to turn up the volume to cut through.

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