Minnesota Youth Collective (MNYC)

Minnesota Youth Collective (MNYC)

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If young people (ages 18-35) had voted at the same rate as the rest of the electorate in 2014, more than 300,000 additional votes would have been cast in Minnesota. The Minnesota Youth Collective (MNYC) focuses on two key geographies for its field efforts: Targeted college campuses and progressive neighborhoods with a high density of young residents (40% of the population is under 35 years old).

The MNYC is a new organization in 2018 that is part of the Alliance for Youth Action national network. It is the first multi-issue youth group in the state focused on building year-round engagement programs for voters under the age of 35.

Voters under the age of 35 are different from their older counterparts, and they should be targeted and mobilized differently. Young people consistently turn out to vote at much lower rates than the electorate as a whole -- especially in midterm elections -- and they also consume media differently. Data has shown that young people tend to distrust institutions like political parties, which requires a new approach to engagement. The MNYC has developed a comprehensive, strategic plan utilizing research, digital, and field tactics to reach younger voters to get them out to the polls in 2018 and help them become reliable voters in future elections.

Statewide Program

The MNYC impacts political races across the state, including 4 competitive US House races, 2 US Senate Races (Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith) and the Governor's race. There is a lot at stake!

Program Goals

Engage 86,000 Minnesotans under the age of 35 to register to vote and/or pledge to cast their ballot in 2018. In 2008, Al Franken (in an Obama year) won his Senate seat by 312 votes. In 2014, Republican Rick Synder won by the Governor's race by 129,000 votes. This program will make a difference.

Program Budget - A Strong ROI

$740,000 for 2018 to include activities and staff on 7 college campuses. Assuming 50% of the program targets vote, this is about $17 per vote in key areas. This is a strong return.

Minnesota Youth Collective: Turning Out Young Voters

The Minnesota Youth Collective (https://www.mnyouthcollective.org/) is dedicated to registering and turning out Youth to vote. The organziation also develops a new generation of leaders.

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