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Voter Moblilization in Ohio

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With the Ohio Governor’s race neck and neck, now is the time to push Ohio’s pendulum back toward Democratic environmental champions. Conservation Ohio launched a door-to-door persuasion and mobilization voter contact program to knock on hundreds of thousands of Ohio doors to persuade them to vote for Rich Cordray for Governor. Digital organizers follow up with people contacted at the door, using a direct contact that includes a thank you and an opportunity to further engage. Funding for this digital strategy will help build a sustained narrative in favor of Ohio Democratic candidates, using text messaging in real time to further refine field scripts, build up potential activists, and mobilize volunteers for a more long-term base of support on the OEC Action Fund’s priority issue areas.

Support Many Candidates

The program is focused on Rich Cordray for Governor, but will help Democrats and and down the ticket.

Contact 75,000 Voters

This program will contact 75,000 lower-propensity voters.

Program Budget

This program needs an addtional $100,000

Ohio Environmental Council Has a Track Record of Success

The OEC family of organizations has a track record of success in this work: during the 2016 election cycle, we knocked on more than 76,000 doors (well exceeding our 62,000-knock goal) and 5 of our 6 endorsed candidates won their races partly due to our earned media efforts, targeted social media ads, and paid phone calls. Since 2016, the OEC Action Fund has been building our internal capacity to become one of the best digital and communications shops in the state and was even recognized nationally as one of the top shops in the environmental movement. Using state-of-the-art tools, building in testing at every level, and sharing our results with partners allow us to refine and hone our work and better communicate at micro and macro levels.

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